Michelle+Keith+Harper. Family.

We love sharing in the joys of new family. All the months of planning and anticipation finally have a face and a name. And it’s SO much better than anything you could have imagined. You never knew you could love another person so much. The adoration of all the little body parts. The way your baby feels sleeping peacefully on your chest. The look in your eye as you adore her. The feeling of newness and knowing it’s not going to last forever. The dreaming of what she’ll become. Celebrating the small movements and soft breaths. Knowing she’s yours. And, yet, totally her own as well. And having this fleeting moment captured so you can look at your book of beautiful photos together one day. So she know and FEELS how much she was loved. Even from the very beginning. This is why we do what we do.

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Andrea+Eric. Married.

It is TRULY possible to have a gorgeous winter wedding in the midwest. Add together a vintage dress, your mom’s old fur coat, a classy yet not stuffy groom, an antler bouquet, incredible jewelry, an amazing location (with butterflies!), and lots of laughter and love and you get something that works. And oh, does it work.

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A huge shout out to our friends: Oscar’s Jewelers for the gorgeous baubles and The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum for beautiful indoor AND outdoor locations!

Gloria Gallardo Strong - Beautiful!!!!!

Chris Sandy - Absolutely stunning!!

Caitlin+Mark. Engaged.

Caitlin + Mark’s free spirits and no-fuss attitudes make them such a joy to be with. They have been together since high school, adventured and changed along the way, and are still choosing to journey through life together. We love the way Caitlin’s dimples and Mark’s smile lines deepen when they’re together. We love the way Caitlin’s head fits perfectly into Mark’s chest. We love the full laugh that comes out of Caitlin’s small body and the fantastic hugs Mark gives. And we love that these two beautiful human beings have made the crazy amazing commitment to love each other for always. So thankful we get to share life together.

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Dick Stevens - love the pictures

Nancy Arsenovic - Love the “video” at the end. Joyful shoot.

Carol Sue Chandler - Congrats to them both!

Danielle McCoy - Those turned out good !!!

Susanne Dalmbert Small - Congratulations!
Awesome pictures!

Carol Patzka Losew - Great photos! Congratulations!

Ilene Simon Wood - Wonderful pictures!

Lori Heger - These are awesome photos. I love them. You both look so in love. Lori

Stephanie Goodspeed - Love them all

Stephanie Goodspeed - Love them all

A Love Worth Telling - Thanks for all your wonderful words! We adore these two and can’t wait to see them married!

Courtney + Michael. Engaged.

“There’s something about just the two of us and knowing she is all mine.” What Courtney + Michael have is SO good. Strong. Healthy. Wild. Tender. It’s the reason we’re in this business. To promote and celebrate relationship. To bear witness to the beauty that is already there. To come away fulfilled. And to tell a story that, through the hard and challenging, is totally worth fighting for.

Paula Sours - beautiful :)

Raymond Siler - I love these dark images! Excellent work.

Ashley. Beloved.

Ashley’s yummy clear skin and gorgeous hair reminds me of a mystical creature straight out of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Combine that with ethereal October light and a gorgeous floral crown and you get a recipe for awesome. Sometimes you just need to take the time to celebrate the beauty of YOU.

Nancy Arsenovic - Breath-taking. I really love these flowers, gauzy white cloth, the sun and a beautiful girl…the gray gravel offsets it all.

Becky Schlomer - My beautiful precious daughter!