Caitlin + Mark. Married.

It’s crazy, really, if you think about it. As human beings, we’re capable of meeting a stranger, allowing them into the deepest parts of who we are, and learning to love them — having seen them at their best AS WELL AS their worst — to the point of not being able to imagine life without the other.


Love looks different on every couple, but for these two incredible people, love looks like high fives at your first chance to be alone as a married couple. It looks like getting ready for your wedding day in the space where you’ve made a home with her. It looks like choosing a wedding dress you know he’ll love because it reminds you of being in nature, and wearing the same veil your mother in law wore at her own vows. It looks like tears after reading the letter he wrote for you to read minutes before you become his wife, and making faces at her during your wedding ceremony, and pulling him back in for a second kiss because one first kiss just isn’t enough.


It looks like meeting as awkward high school teenagers, growing up together, choosing to take the risk to live the adventure of life together, and finding your soul mate along the way. On the Monday before their wedding day in June, we asked Mark how he felt at that exact moment, and he said this. “She is what I’ve known I wanted for a long time and I can’t wait to make her my wife. I’m so ready for it.”


This is the story of Caitlin and Mark, who have loved each other for an entire decade.


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Katie + Matthew. Beloved.

When we stepped out of the car to meet Katie and Matthew, we were strangers. But after watching the sun come up, listening to the struggles they face in a relationship that has formed over distance, and feeling the complete ease in their togetherness, we couldn’t help but want more time with these two incredibly beautiful people.


So that’s exactly what we did — headed to breakfast and shared our lives with these friends over eggs benedict.



  • Kristy Walters Kruggel - This makes me very happy. ReplyCancel

  • Katie Carr - You guys are just amazing. We are both so grateful that you’ve come into our lives, not only to capture these beautiful moments, but also to get to truly call friends! ReplyCancel

Abraham + Tiffanie. Beloved.

What these two have is so good. It’s the freeing kind of love that makes everything better when you’re together. Where you are loved because you are uniquely YOU. When you are continually being chosen even after your faults are known. When you can be goofy and dead serious within moments of each other. When you decide you want to have your best friend along for the rest of your life journey. When you know that what you have is totally worth fighting for.

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  • Tiffanie Wright - Mmm. This makes me smile. Worth Telling 😉ReplyCancel

  • Zandra Schultz - Love! love! love! all these warm and slightly warmer pictures.ReplyCancel

  • Jodi Berg Buck - Awe so precious ReplyCancel

  • Amber Sabbatini - AwesomeReplyCancel

  • Linda Mangelsdorf-Oshel - These are awesome pictures!!!ReplyCancel

  • Ron Karen Whightsil - Tiffanie, I knew the moment I met you I liked you!! You have such a love for life & he has such a love for you… put them together & you get an AMAZING couple & photos to share!! thanks so much!!

  • Linda Mangelsdorf-Oshel - As mother of the groom, couldn’t ask for better pictures…now how to I get prints of these for my walls???ReplyCancel

  • Tiffanie Wright - Gets me every time ReplyCancel

  • Belicia Garcia-Rubley - ♡♡♡ just amazingReplyCancel

  • Deb Burd - Great pictures you love birds ! Great hair Abraham ! ♥ReplyCancel

Michelle+Keith+Harper. Family.

We love sharing in the joys of new family. All the months of planning and anticipation finally have a face and a name. And it’s SO much better than anything you could have imagined. You never knew you could love another person so much. The adoration of all the little body parts. The way your baby feels sleeping peacefully on your chest. The look in your eye as you adore her. The feeling of newness and knowing it’s not going to last forever. The dreaming of what she’ll become. Celebrating the small movements and soft breaths. Knowing she’s yours. And, yet, totally her own as well. And having this fleeting moment captured so you can look at your book of beautiful photos together one day. So she know and FEELS how much she was loved. Even from the very beginning. This is why we do what we do.

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Andrea+Eric. Married.

It is TRULY possible to have a gorgeous winter wedding in the midwest. Add together a vintage dress, your mom’s old fur coat, a classy yet not stuffy groom, an antler bouquet, incredible jewelry, an amazing location (with butterflies!), and lots of laughter and love and you get something that works. And oh, does it work.

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A huge shout out to our friends: Oscar’s Jewelers for the gorgeous baubles and The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum for beautiful indoor AND outdoor locations!